Chinese Food: How Do You Know You Are in the Right Place?

9 February 2019
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Diversity is the beauty of this planet. It's an amazing feeling when you travel to a new place and find people doing things differently from your native country. The variations stand out in nearly everything that you use daily. The clothes, houses and cars differ greatly among other things. Food also falls in this category. Tasting food from other cultures is a great way of experiencing other people's culture and routines. Read More 

4 Shrimp Preparation Methods Which You Will Fall in Love With

28 September 2018
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Many seafood lovers state that shrimp is one of their favourite choices because, besides the fact that shrimp is a delicious and popular holiday seafood choice, it also has tons of health benefits. Shrimp is very high in protein, contains essential nutrients such as vitamin B12, phosphorus, choline, selenium, copper and iodine. The fact that shrimp is low in calories also makes it a healthy dietary choice. Different seafood restaurants around the country have their recipes and methods of shrimp preparation. Read More 

Why Brunch Is the Perfect First Date

25 January 2018
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Brunch has become a hugely popular weekend activity in the last decade or so, with groups of friends and family members gathering on Saturdays and Sundays for a delicious, leisurely in-between meal. Because it's so closely associated with meeting up with people you know well, brunch isn't often considered as an appropriate thing to do on a date. In most cases, people who are arranging a date either go for an evening meal or something that doesn't involve eating at all. Read More 

Etiquette Tips When You Are Eating at an Indian Restaurant

24 October 2017
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Indian food is growing in popularity in major Australian cities. This is based on the many Indian restaurants that are cropping up all over the place. You can decide to have Indian cuisine with friends, family or business partners. These restaurants always have a wide variety of items available on the menu. However, there are unique guidelines that should be followed when eating Indian foods. Behaving differently can leave you very embarrassed, especially if you are in the company of Indian hosts. Read More 

Different Sources Vegans Can Get Their B12 Nutrients

20 September 2016
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In years past, the vitamin B12 was quite abundant in the food that people used to eat. Typically, you do not need a lot of B12 in their diet for you to stay healthy. This vitamin is actually a type of bacteria that resides in healthy soil that has been fertilized naturally. However, over the years and with the advancements in technology, society has become too sanitized. Thus, although previously you could get the recommended small amounts of this vitamin through minute amounts of soil in fresh vegetables, this does not occur anymore. Read More